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aka dB., NYC

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As a beginner runner I have no idea what I am doing as far as running gear is concerned. So I go by trial and error.


I am size 13. I rarely buy shoes retail price because sales often have the best models left unsold given how few people are 6ft6. I am also not too picky and shoe technology is out of control - last year’s models are still pretty incredible.

I started running with a pair of Adidas Supernova Glide Boost that I bought on sale at Paragon during their warehouse sale. I found them a bit odd during my first run as they seemed strangely elevated, but I love these now as they have proven durable and comfortable.

My second pair is Nike Fitsole Lite 3. So far I’ve used them indoors on a treadmill, and they seem to be lighter and thinner than the Adidas.

My actual shoe colors are pictured above.

I use Under Armour Charged Cotton Mens 2.0 Crew Socks.


I bought Underarmour ColdGear® Armour Compression leggings to run in the cold. These are very comfortable, stretch well, warm and all around amazing. Mine are size LGT, I’m 6ft6 and they work great.

I put a pair of Champion Mens Jersey Pocket Shorts over these.


I use any plain t-shirt and, for now, an American Apparel California Fleece Hoodie. I get soaking wet in this, so my next purchase is something better.


New York gets pretty cold. The essential buy was a Turtle Fur Neckwarmer - the polyester, not the fleece kind. It keeps my neck and my head warm, and I often pull it up to breathe into it. I couldn’t have done the freezing 10 degrees midnight run in Central Park without it.

I often use Odlo base layers (over a soft t-shirt to avoid rubbing my nipples), a Helmet Liner Sports Skull Cap (nice and light) and a pair of TrailHeads Touchscreen Running Gloves (don’t really keep my fingers warm in the wind or anywhere under 45 degrees).


I listen to Classic Vocal Trance with an iPhone tucked into a Senbor Sports Armband and a pair of Plantronics BackBeat FIT Wireless Bluetooth Headphones that I tend to buy refurbished because I keep losing them.


I’ve developed a pretty bad case of ITBS in my left leg. I managed to get rid of it with the Pro-Tec Athletics IT Band Compression Wrap, proper stretching and a lot of gym time working my leg strength.


I’d love some recommendations for what gear to get! Contact me.