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aka dB., NYC

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Hi! This is my running blog. It automatically synchronizes and publishes my runs. Please follow me on Strava.

I always hated running. And now I have a running blog. Read Why do I run? or My Running Gear in 2018. If you’re new to running, read How to Run a Race in NYC. I also ran my first marathon in NYC in 2018. You can definitely do it, too!

Since 2017, I’ve run a total of 4338.2 miles in 646 hours.

I built and operate a Slack bot for Strava service that publishes Strava runs into Slack. Install it into your team’s Slack and motivate your coworkers to go the distance.

Like what you read here? Have questions? Open an issue for this blog. Feel free to e-mail me, too.

Finally, if you had enough of running, check out my art blog and my tech blog.