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I always hated running. And now I have a running blog.

I started running in summer 2017 when a separation forced me to commute from Bushwick to Manhattan once a week. I dreaded it, so I started looking for opportunities to hang out with my friends in Brooklyn, aka drink myself through the evening. It wasn’t good.

To change things up I decided to run to the Williamsburg Bridge. I always hated running, and it was really hard. After a few runs I managed to run onto, then over the bridge. Finally, I made it home to East Village, feeling great. I started using an app and logged my first 6.24mi run in 54m35s, average pace of 8:45 min/mi.

My first 10 mile run around lower Manhattan three weeks later made the city feel much smaller. I logged 1h29m at 8:33 min/mi.

I woke up that weekend and felt compelled to run to Brighton Beach. Those 13 miles felt like forever at just over two hours, averaging 9:15 min/mi.

I’ve also run a few NYRR races, my official results are here, including the 2017 4M Race to Deliver, the awesome 2017 4M Midnight Run (in 7 degree weather), the 2018 Fred Lebow Manhattan Half and the United Airlines Half (for charity) and am running my first marathon this year!

I am hooked. I am now using Strava to log my runs (please follow me) and this blog is updated automatically from the app data.