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Daniel Doubrovkine

aka dB., NYC

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Distance Time Pace
18.48mi 2h57m25s 10m24s/mi

Didn’t go as planned at all. Tried to go slow and paced well in the beginning, but then started feeling very dizzy half way through. Tried to walk it off, but just got worse. Head spinning, and smelled like death.


Mile Pace Elevation
1 8m39s/mi 24ft
2 8m11s/mi 5.6ft
3 8m09s/mi -30.8ft
4 8m12s/mi -3.6ft
5 8m34s/mi 31.5ft
6 8m23s/mi -26.6ft
7 8m37s/mi 31.2ft
8 8m56s/mi 1ft
9 9m02s/mi -45.9ft
10 9m31s/mi 7.2ft
11 14m59s/mi 33.1ft
12 8m53s/mi -26.9ft
13 11m34s/mi 27.2ft
14 13m17s/mi 15.4ft
15 10m17s/mi -60ft
16 11m16s/mi 4.3ft
17 17m39s/mi 26.6ft
18 12m29s/mi -1.3ft
19 9m52s/mi -14.1ft