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Doubrovkine Daniel

aka dB., NYC

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Distance Time Pace
26.55mi 4h43m19s 11m12s/mi

Very different from my PB of 3:42. Hot and humid. Died at 12 pacing Jessica Gordon through the first miles to an amazing 3:55 finish. Walked and suffered through the rest. Threw up at 24, and twice after crossing the finish line. Shaking uncontrollably. Still alive. I think.


Mile Pace Elevation
1 8m51s/mi 95.1ft
2 8m00s/mi -208.7ft
3 8m20s/mi 21ft
4 8m15s/mi 8.5ft
5 8m31s/mi 7.2ft
6 8m28s/mi -23ft
7 8m58s/mi 0ft
8 8m33s/mi 21.7ft
9 8m51s/mi 26.9ft
10 8m44s/mi -43.3ft
11 9m00s/mi 40.7ft
12 9m02s/mi -30.2ft
13 10m36s/mi -1.3ft
14 11m22s/mi -11.8ft
15 13m50s/mi 47.9ft
16 13m29s/mi -4.6ft
17 8m37s/mi -23.6ft
18 10m49s/mi -11.2ft
19 14m07s/mi 3.3ft
20 16m52s/mi 25.6ft
21 13m37s/mi -19ft
22 16m27s/mi -3.9ft
23 18m22s/mi 2ft
24 14m39s/mi 96.5ft
25 12m43s/mi -35.4ft
26 12m15s/mi 5.9ft
27 10m46s/mi 13.1ft