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Doubrovkine Daniel

aka dB., NYC

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Distance Time Pace
13.45mi 1h53m52s 8m28s/mi

I’ve worked and stretched out and used a band for my ITBS on the left knee to a point where it doesn’t hurt anymore, and I think my right leg wants some attention now.


Mile Pace Elevation
1 8m55s/mi -30.8ft
2 8m58s/mi -2.3ft
3 8m56s/mi 3ft
4 8m53s/mi -0.7ft
5 8m48s/mi 2.3ft
6 9m02s/mi 104ft
7 8m17s/mi -106ft
8 9m04s/mi 0ft
9 8m23s/mi 0ft
10 8m21s/mi -1.3ft
11 7m46s/mi -8.5ft
12 7m30s/mi 11.2ft
13 7m36s/mi 18.4ft
14 7m30s/mi 11.2ft