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Doubrovkine Daniel

aka dB., NYC

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Distance Time Pace
10.13mi 1h23m40s 8m15s/mi

Hard start. Out of breath and cramping the whole way.


Mile Pace Elevation
1 7m04s/mi 16.4ft
2 7m55s/mi 42ft
3 8m23s/mi -1ft
4 8m44s/mi 34.4ft
5 7m52s/mi -85.3ft
6 8m09s/mi -22ft
7 8m26s/mi 36.1ft
8 8m39s/mi -44.3ft
9 9m04s/mi 9.5ft
10 8m21s/mi -8.5ft
11 8m15s/mi 0.3ft