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Doubrovkine Daniel

aka dB., NYC

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Distance Time Pace
26.7mi 3h59m30s 8m59s/mi

Felt great till 18 then a complete disaster. Pushed so hard the last mile to come under 4, just seconds away! So happy, but landed in medical throwing up and passing out from shaking uncontrollably, cold AF, for an hour. I cried uncontrollably for no reason, too. Thanks to all the medical volunteers who were the real heroes of this marathon!


Mile Pace Elevation
1 8m37s/mi -28.5ft
2 7m32s/mi -35.4ft
3 8m11s/mi 22ft
4 8m08s/mi -1ft
5 8m08s/mi -8.5ft
6 8m05s/mi -34.4ft
7 8m23s/mi -8.2ft
8 8m17s/mi 15.1ft
9 8m18s/mi 24.9ft
10 8m18s/mi -48.2ft
11 8m33s/mi 26.6ft
12 8m12s/mi -29.5ft
13 8m21s/mi -1.3ft
14 8m31s/mi 0ft
15 8m44s/mi 5.9ft
16 9m39s/mi 62ft
17 8m53s/mi -43ft
18 8m48s/mi -17.4ft
19 9m39s/mi -10.8ft
20 9m56s/mi -7.5ft
21 9m52s/mi 16.7ft
22 11m31s/mi 2.6ft
23 8m55s/mi -1.6ft
24 10m34s/mi 99.1ft
25 10m31s/mi -34.1ft
26 10m46s/mi 0ft
27 9m21s/mi 0ft