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Doubrovkine Daniel

aka dB., NYC

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Distance Time Pace
6.47mi 52m5s 8m03s/mi

Banged my foot on the dishwasher an hour earlier, after making sourdough. Then do this? Surprisingly fast for such low HR. I also don’t get how I can be holding back, be in a bit of pain, not push and then come out at ~8min mile.


Mile Pace Elevation
1 7m40s/mi -26.2ft
2 8m00s/mi 5.6ft
3 7m44s/mi 23.6ft
4 8m48s/mi 83ft
5 8m02s/mi -106.3ft
6 8m14s/mi 12.1ft
7 7m45s/mi 45.3ft