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Doubrovkine Daniel

aka dB., NYC

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Distance Time Pace
11.5mi 1h39m46s 8m40s/mi

Got a pair of new EQTs and remembered instantly why I didn’t keep running on the previous pair that still in my closet. It wasn’t for the color - a bit thin. But after 11 miles feet feel great!


Mile Pace Elevation
1 8m12s/mi 8.5ft
2 7m04s/mi -10.5ft
3 8m18s/mi -21ft
4 8m37s/mi -7.2ft
5 9m00s/mi -2ft
6 8m56s/mi -8.5ft
7 9m00s/mi 3.9ft
8 8m56s/mi -1.3ft
9 9m00s/mi -7.9ft
10 9m15s/mi -4.6ft
11 8m46s/mi 2ft
12 9m15s/mi 31.5ft