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Doubrovkine Daniel

aka dB., NYC

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Distance Time Pace
16.03mi 2h29m40s 9m20s/mi

The plan was to run 20 with Jessica Gordon, but got dizzy and failed at 16. It didn’t help that Garmin connect was down, been totally off today.


Mile Pace Elevation
1 9m09s/mi -34.8ft
2 9m02s/mi -13.8ft
3 9m19s/mi 3.3ft
4 9m11s/mi 24.9ft
5 9m17s/mi 2.6ft
6 9m13s/mi 21.7ft
7 9m37s/mi 97.8ft
8 8m55s/mi -106.3ft
9 9m13s/mi -28.9ft
10 9m33s/mi 16.4ft
11 10m12s/mi 113.5ft
12 9m00s/mi -138.5ft
13 9m52s/mi 14.4ft
14 9m00s/mi -27.6ft
15 8m51s/mi 19.7ft
16 9m56s/mi 24.9ft
17 11m02s/mi -0.7ft